The Packaging Exterior Design Principles To Be Followed
01 Jan

The Packaging Exterior Design Principles To Be Followed

(1). Combined with the characteristics of the product, and make full use of the elements of shape of goods Aesthetic Principles.

(2). To adapt to market demand, accurate market positioning, creating brand personality.

(3). To eliminate excessive packaging "light, thin, short, small, exaggerated packaging and useless.

(4). To draw inspiration from nature, using simulation techniques packaging shape design innovation.

(5). take full account of environmental and ergonomic factors.

(6). Active use of new technology, new materials, modern packaging shape design.

(7). To develop a series packing shape design.

However, if we really want to reach the standard of green packaging, only to rely on the above points are imperfect, also need the green packaging technology as a supplement. Here that the technical elements, including packaging design, equipment, technology, energy and the technology used. The so-called green technology, to reduce pollution, reduce consumption, pollution control or improve the ecological system.

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