E-commerce Booster Printing And Packaging Enterprises Winter

The haze of the European debt crisis continued to linger, the global financial crisis is still spreading, many industries have been the impact of the market downturn and "negative growth", the same is true of the printing industry. Today, the printing industry downturn, prospects, such as smoke and mirrors, people can not see the way of the future. The sudden emergence of e-commerce in recent years, as if to the printing industry lit a beacon.Into the 21st century, the Internet because of its "pervasive" and cost characteristics by a wide range of businesses and the favorite of the masses. The use of the Internet for online shopping with the surge in the number of domestic Internet use, and to pay for the bank card payment or third-party platform consumption has become increasingly popular, the market share is growing rapidly, and e-commerce sites are endless.

The challenge for the development of the packaging industry, not just market downturn also competition among peers, resulting in these competitive reasons, nothing less: nothing less than the oversupply serious homogeneity, the market weak, vicious competition, low gross profit, the human cost increase recruitment difficulties, difficulties in financing, investment in technological reform, higher raw material prices continued to go. In this problem, the relevant authorities within the industry.

The packaging industry in the future the market will take on personnel, customers, reputation, advertising and other competitive trends. E-commerce because of its low operating costs, just for the printing and packaging enterprises timely help.

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