Introduction to the role of paper bag making machine

Packaging is a necessary condition for products to enter the field of circulation, and the main means to achieve packaging is to use paper bag making machine. With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, paper bag making machine is playing an increasingly important role in the packaging field. Its main functions are as follows:

(1) The labor productivity can be greatly improved, and the paper bag making machine is much faster than manual bag making.

(2) It can effectively ensure the quality of paper bags. The paper bag making machine can produce paper bags with consistent specifications according to the requirements of paper bags, according to the required shape and size, but hand-made bags cannot be guaranteed. This is especially important for export commodities. Only the paper bag making machine can achieve the standardization and standardization of packaging and meet the requirements of collective packaging.

(3) It can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Manual bag making is very labor-intensive, consumes physical strength, and is inefficient. For light and small products, due to the high frequency and monotonous movements, workers are prone to occupational diseases.

(4) The cost can be reduced, the error and rejection rate of manual bag making are high, there are more unqualified bags, and more raw materials are wasted. The paper bag making machine can control the waste to the smallest scope and reduce the waste of raw materials.

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