The Green Packaging Ill Promote The Progress Of The Industry

With the continuous development of China's economy, the progress of science, packaging and printing industry to maintain a relatively high level of growth in the printing and packaging enterprise development towards a green era.

Last year, the total output value of China's packaging industry has reached 13,000 billion, to become the second-largest packaging country after the United States, however, from the number of enterprises and the gross margin level, the domestic packaging industry is still in the formative years. Visible packaging industry survive is to provide added value for the downstream cost savings while providing publicity effect, and downstream customers grow and grow. Expected future packaging industry is driven by the three major driving force.

Packaging and printing industry, competition is fierce, although the profits of the leading companies able to maintain a relatively high level, but the industry average profit is as low as 2%. Industrial Network was informed that, the traditional packaging and printing only rely on the products to lock in customers facing increasing challenges. Personalized, differentiated demand as consumers of the brand customers passed to a manufacturer of packaging and printing products, coupled with increasingly fierce competition between various brands, customers simply want a cost-effective packaging and printing products from previous gradually require suppliers to participate in product development, and provide more professional guidance and assistance.

80-90 the year in the last century by UV press, Zhang machine equipment investment to produce high-quality special specification product differentiation to gain high profits. Driven by high profits, a growing number of packaging printing enterprises to update equipment, rely on the advantages of equipment to maintain the time is growing short.

At the same time, with the continuous development of science and technology enterprises through technological innovation threshold is getting lower and lower, more and more difficult to rely on research and innovation to gain competitive advantage, especially in the environment of weak intellectual property protection in China is more obvious. We can see that the annual Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair exhibits can be deeply felt the seriousness of the packaging and printing industry homogenization.

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