Company profile

Champion Machinery has accumulated profound knowledge & experience in the field of paper bag making machine,which enables us to lead continuously in innovation of this field,all types of machines are customized perfectly to the unique need of paper bag and we have made perfect solutions available to each of our clients regarding their specific requirements.

Choosing Champion Machinery means you have chosen excellent service and high quality,high production capacity, easy operation, of course extraordinarily high production efficiency and precision.our expertise in paper bag making machine keeps us growing while our integrated skills make us outstanding.


Compared with peers
Advantages of our equipment

Origami without knife marks
Imitation handmade bag 
Precise control 
Quickly adjust the machine, and the scrap rate is low 
Quick start and easy operation for newcomers 
High-speed precision glue 
Long service life, in line with national standards 
Do not pick the printing color 
Advantages of Yasen equipment

√ Exquisite materials and workmanship
√ Less wearing parts
√ The paper bag machine uses a wide range of paper size and thickness
√ We can make common paper bag size and structure
√ We can make common fine paper bags
√ After-sales to ensure that customers operate independently
√ 3 years of voluntary after-sales service
 Customize equipment according to the customer's paper bag production proces

Enterprise development history

Enterprise development history