• CM2SP-1400TF Paper Bags Two Sheet Paper Pasting Machine With Tube Forming

CM2SP-1400TF Paper Bags Two Sheet Paper Pasting Machine With Tube Forming

Model: CM2SP-1400TF

The machine realizes the customer's requirement for a slightly larger paper bag by the bonding of two sheets of paper. The machine is automatically fed by Feida and automatically glued by the glue machine. At the same time, the paper is folded and the paste is completed.

Program, the output is a paper tube with a folded head.Improve work efficiency, reduce scrap rate, reduce production costs, and in addition, effectively protect the paper surface coating, bronzing, gold powder and other printing processes. It is an ideal choice for paper bag production. Yasen gift paper bag machine manufacturers

Sheet paper size
Sheet paper width =W1/W2 300-650mm
Sheet paper width =W 500-1350mm
Sheet paper length = H 300-600mm
Tube size
Paper tube guesst = C 70-220mm
Paper tube width = D 120-600mm
Paper tube Length = E 350-550mm
Top = F 30-80mm
Kraft paper 150-350g/m2
Coat paper/Laminated 170-300g/m2
White board paper 170-350g/m2
Grey board paper/Laminated 170-300g/m2
Speed 0-50pcs/min
Power 380/220V50/60HZ
Gluing system Hot melt glue
Gluing temperature 140-170°C
Machine size 10.5x2.3xl.65m
Machine weight 3500kg
Power supply <19.5kw
Compressed air/capacity 6bar
Air tank capacity 15m3/h
The production speed depends on the material used, paper sizes, glue specifications and the skill of the operators. Technical specifications may change without prior notice.

Standard configuration of hot melt adhesive system is of China brand (or our own brand).
"NORDSON" brand is as optional as per specific requirement, contact with the sales to get more information.

Machine size:

Production process:

Papers involve:

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CM2SP-1400/1800 Paper Bags Two Sheet Paper Pasting Machine

CM2SP-1400/1800 Paper Bags Two Sheet Paper Pasting Machine

Paper feeding from high-speed feeders saves manpower and improves efficiency. The maximum size of the sheet is 825mm, and the overall size after running is up to 1650mm. It solves the vacancy of the large paper bag in t

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