• CMBS-500A Auto Feeding Paper Bag Bottom Sealer

CMBS-500A Auto Feeding Paper Bag Bottom Sealer

Model: CMBS-500A

The bottom machine is an unsealed paper tube (either manually placed in the bottom cardboard or not in the cardboard). After automaticconveying, automatic glue spraying, automatic paste bottom, automatic compaction and other processes, the output i a back cover paper bag.

The machine is operated by touch screen and equipped with four spray guns. The user can adjust the thickness of the glue and the position ofthe glue according to the bag making requirements. The mechanism bag is evenly sprayed , the bag making precision is high, and the speed isfast, and the tote bag of various specifications can be produced.


Tube size
Tube width = A 160-500mm
Tube length = B 250-500mm
Paper tube guesst =C 70-220mm
Finger press width = G 20-400mm
Kraft paper 128-350g/m2
Coat paper/Laminated 128-350g/m2
White board paper 157-350g/m2
Grey board paper/Laminated 128-350g/m2
Speed 120pcs/min
Power 380/220V50/60HZ
Machine size 4.6xl.lxl.6m
Machine weight 1200kg
Power supply ≤14.5kw
Compressed air/capacity 6bar
Air tank capacity 15m³/h
The production speed depends on the material used, paper sizes, glue specifications and the skill of the operators. Technical specifications may change without prior notice.

Standard configuration of hot melt adhesive system is of China brand (or our own brand).
"NORDSON" brand is as optional as per specific requirement, contact with the sales to get more information.
Machine size:

Production process:

Papers involve:

We provide paper bag machine products. If you are interested in paper bag machine, please contact us and initiate a consultation for more information.
CMBS-RS1000 Paper Bag Bottom Sealer With Bottom Card Inserting

CMBS-RS1000 Paper Bag Bottom Sealer With Bottom Card Inserting

CMBSRS-1000 paste bottom machine is an unsealed paper bag, which is automatically conveyed, automatically opened, automatically bottomed card (non-intermittent), automatic full glue spray, cold glue spray, automatic past

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