• CMTF-1100/1400 High Speed Paper Bag Tube Former

CMTF-1100/1400 High Speed Paper Bag Tube Former

Model: CMTF-1100/1400

The CMTF-1100/1400AT sheetfed paper bag machine has impressive quality performance to meet different customer requirements and provides higher paper bag speeds. The machine has advanced pre-stacked paper feeders, which enables continuous paper feeding without stopping the machine, saving labor and improving work efficiency.

CMTF-1100/1400AT single-sheet paper-cart paper bag machine uses printed sheets of paper as raw materials, and is automatically fed by Feida. It can be frequency-controlled and regulated, transported through the paper-feeding table, and then released by the front and side gauges. The paper is accurately positioned and fed into the vertical line of the crimping roller. Then automatically glue (can spray hot melt adhesive), molding, automatic folding piano edge, automatic tube.

The paper bag mechanism bag has high precision and high speed. It is the best choice for processing garment handbags, gift bags and shopping bags. It is the ideal partner for your business.


Sheet paper size
Sheet paper width = A 450-1100mm 450-1400mm
Sheet paper length = B 400-600mm 400-600mm
Tube size
Paper tube guesst = C 80-180mm 80-180mm
Paper tube width = D 180-420mm 150-420mm
Papertube Length = E 300-550mm 300-550mm
Kraft paper 128-300g/m2 128-300g/m2
Coat paper/Laminated 157-300g/m2 157-300g/m2
White board paper 128-300g/m2 128-300g/m2
Grey board paper/Laminated 128-300g/m2 128-300g/m2
Speed 0-100pcs/min 0-100pcs/min
Power 380/220V50/60HZ 380/220V 50/60HZ
Gluing system Hot Melt Glue Hot Melt Glue
Gluing temperature 140-170°C 140-170°C
Machine size 10x2.2xl.8m 10x2.5x1.8m
Machine weight 4500kg 5000kg
Power supply <19.5kw <19.5kw
Compressed air/capacity 6bar 6 bar
Air tank capacity 15m3/h 15m3/h
The production speed depends on the material used, paper sizes, glue specifications and the skill of the operators. Technical specifications may change without prior notice.
Machine size:

Production process:

Papers involve:

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CMTF-1100/1400AT Paper Bag Tube Former With Top Folder Insert In

CMTF-1100/1400AT Paper Bag Tube Former With Top Folder Insert In

CMTF series can run a single sheet of paper after printingindentation, using Feeder automatic feeding, pull gauge correction,vertical line indentation,automatic folding head,hot melt gluespraying system,to achieve gluing

CMBF-420 / 520 / 600 A Paper Bag Bottom Folder

CMBF-420 / 520 / 600 A Paper Bag Bottom Folder

The paper bag bottoming machine performs the bottom processing of the paper bag on the already-formed paper bag, the pull-out roller, the bag surface pressing wheel and the mechanical large roller synchronous operation,

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