• CMTR-10 Twisted Rope Making Machine

CMTR-10 Twisted Rope Making Machine

Model: CMTR-10

This machine can produce two roll of circular rope with one motor, It can produce paper rope quickly. It is the first choice of paper rope manufacturers. The machine mainly support high speed paper handle machine and paper machine, it can produce circular rope in a high speed, so as to provide raw materials to paper handle machine.
The machine uses narrow web as raw material, through the high speed spinning of the axes of the machine, paper twisted into rope and kept in paper rope roll. Users can adjust the diameter of the paper rope to meet different production needs.

Core Diameter of Raw Rope Roll Φ76 mm(3'')
Max.Paper Rope Diameter 450 mm
Paper Roll Width 20-100 mm
Paper Thickness 15-60 g/m²
Paper Rope Diameter 2.5-6 mm
Max.Rope Roll Diameter 300mm
Max Paper Rope Width 300mm
Production Speed 20-40 m/min
Power Requirements 220 V
Total Power 1.5 KW
Total Weight Appr.300 kg
Overall Dimension L1580mm x W1440 mm x H930 mm
We provide paper rope making machine products. If you are interested in paper rope making machine, please contact us and initiate a consultation for more information.
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